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6 Tiered Cup Cake Stand

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Part Number: 135-2-2
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Whether for weddings, birthday parties, events or anniversaries, this acrylic cake stand will be a focal point of any special occasion. Each tier is round and transparent so the stand is able to beautifully showcase delectable cupcakes or a wedding cake. This stand is customizable so you can pick and choose the number of tiers needed to accommodate your cake. Use it for displaying any of your favorite treats such as cupcakes, wedding cakes, dissents, cookies and other treats. Easy to assemble with screws for strength and stability.

  • 1st Tier 5.9 inch
  • 2nd Tier 7.5 inch
  • 3rd Tier 8.8 inch
  • 4th Tier 10 inch
  • 5th Tier 11.8 inch
  • 6th Tier 13.4 inch
  • Height of Each Tier: 4 inch

  • Package Content:
  • 6 x Acrylic Round Plates
  • 5 x Pillars
  • 2 x End Screws
  • 4 x Regular Screws 

  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery 

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