1. Taylor Smarttemp Dual-probe Bluetooth Thermometer

Taylor Smarttemp Dual-probe Bluetooth Thermometer

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Taylor Smarttemp Dual-probe Bluetooth Thermometer
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Bluetooth technology works with the Taylor SmartTemp  app so user can leave the oven or grill & track cooking temperatures from the enabled device. Transfers data wirelessly to tablets/iPads or smart phones iOS & Android products with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.  Monitors 2 temperatures at the same time--meat & ambient oven/grill or meat & candy.  9 meat preset temperatures: ground beef & poultry beef pork veal lamb chicken poultry & fish or set a custom temperature. Backlit base for easy reading in darker settings.Timer function can work with thermometer function or independently. User can save foods into history records for future reference. Results can be uploaded to popular social media sites. Base unit can function as a thermometer or timer without use of the app. Operates on included 2 AAA batteries. Requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above. Mobile devices compatible with this Smart Thermometer--iPhone (4S & later) iPad (3 later) iPod Touch (5 & later) & iPad mini using iOS6 & above Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note II & above HTC One Google Nexus 4 & above.