Cookies are one of America's most favorite treats. While there are hundreds of options in the supermarket for any cookie lover to choose from, nothing can compare to the flavors and textures of homemade cookies.

The fun part of homemade cookies are the variety of recipes and combinations.  You can basically have any flavor combination that you want from chocolate and coconut to peanut butter and marshmallows.

This is a list of the top 10 favorite homemade cookies. So if you have an upcoming event you want to bake something for, one of these cookie types will undoubtedly be a hit.


1.       Chocolate Chip Cookies - This delicious, buttery and oh-so-sweet cookie is the most popular for a good reason. Its melt in your mouth goodness has just the right amount of chocolate and cookie. There is a reason the chocolate chip cookie is a timeless classic, they are delicious!

2.       Peanut Butter Cookies- Most people love the peanut butter cookie, but some can do without it. I know this is a go to when I am baking for my dad. These are by far his favorite cookie. The fan base for peanut butter cookies has kept it as a popular cookie for years. Perhaps it's the crisscrossed fork marks on top that leave an indelible stamp in our minds or just that they look great in gift baskets. Peanut Butter cookie yumminess is a classic American treat.

3.       Oatmeal Cookies- When it comes to the general consensus, I've found that you either love the oatmeal raisin, or you hate it. However, it seems the love outweighs the hate.  This cookie brings happiness with its delicious oat texture and chewy raisins. Some home bakers even add nuts or Chocolate Chips to the mix adding a little delightful treat to the unsuspecting cookie lover.

4.       Sugar Cookies - The sugar cookie is still a crowd favorite. Even though it can seem a little plain, it has endured after all these years because of its sweet simplicity. The sheer versatility of this cookie makes it a blank canvas for home bakers to create masterpieces on. Frosting, sprinkles and food coloring are certainly optional, however.

5.       White Chocolate Macadamia Nut- It seems that the macadamia nut is the ultimate nut and often times spotted in fancy gift baskets. However, when you add white chocolate and macadamia nuts together and throw them in a cookie dough, you’ve got a delicacy of a cookie that is far from the everyday ordinary snack.

6.       Coconut Macaroon- Quite possibly the best thing about these cookies is there is no baking involved. These fancy cookies almost seem like magic when they're made at home. Full of flavor and texture, they are amazing.  Coconut lovers around the world now unite with these delectable exotic cookies.

7.       Gingerbread- Even though Gingerbread is only typically made during the holidays, it is a staple in the cookie world. The tasty gingerbread man and woman live on as symbols of holiday cookies and good cheer. Not to mention, they're worth waiting for.

8.       Red Velvet Cookies- These are relatively new cookies, when compared to a chocolate chip or sugar cookie, but that does not mean they are not equally delicious. These cookies are known for their cake like texture while retaining that delicious cookie taste.

9.       Shortbread – Shortbread cookies maybe simple but they are timeless and delicious. Even lovers of more complicated cookies fall for the pure golden delight of a shortbread square. And what's not to love about shortbread? It tastes great with anything.

10.   Double Chocolate Cookie – For the true chocoholic, double or even triple chocolate cookies are an all-time favorite.  A rich moist chocolate cookie stuff with chocolate chips or chunks and sometimes white chocolate.  What is there not to love about it!!

What is your all-time favorite cookie? Did it make the list or do you like cookies off the normal beaten path? 



Date 12/25/2022

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